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List of Chrysler vehicles

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Vehicles produced bearing the name "Chrysler" rather than one of the corporate subsidiary companies (DodgeJeep, and Plymouth for examples). In North America, the Chrysler brand offered primarily upscale and luxury cars have been while other markets the Chrysler name was used on several corporate models.
The list below also includes vehicles manufactured in other countries and cars designed by other independent corporations that were rebranded for Chrysler. "Chrysler Australia" was the Australian division of Chrysler, and cars made by Chrysler Australia were sold mainly in their country of origin. The same goes for cars marked "Europe" and "Canada". Some of the links in the following table may redirect you to a differently named vehicle (for example, the link Chrysler Laser leads to Dodge Daytona), but only because that particular vehicle was rebranded into a Chrysler with insignificant and minor changes to the original design. The Chrysler versions of that vehicle are not notable enough to earn an article.

Production models[edit]

NameModel years in productionImage
Chrysler 150circa 1975 - 1980
Chrysler 160/1801970 - 1982Chrysler 160.jpg
Chrysler 2002011 – 20172011 Chrysler 200 Touring -- 02-14-2011.jpg
Chrysler 300 letter series1955 – 1965Chrysler 300C.jpg
Chrysler 300M1999 – 2004Chrysler-300M.jpg
Chrysler 300 non-letter series1962–1971, 1979'71 Chrysler 300 (Orange Julep '10).jpg
Chrysler 3002005 – presentChrysler 300C 3.6 Limited 2014 (19655263969) (cropped).jpg
Chrysler Airflow1934 – 19371934ChryslerAirflow.jpg
Chrysler Airstream1935 – 1937Chrysler Airstream 4-Door Sedan 1936 2.jpg
Chrysler Alpine1975 - 19801978 Chrysler Alpine GLS (7175720265).jpg
Chrysler Aspen2007 – 200907-Chrysler-Aspen.jpg
Chrysler Avenger1976 – 19791980 Chrysler Avenger (8202608480).jpg
Chrysler Centura (Australia)1975 – 19781975-1977 Chrysler Centura (KB) GL sedan (2009-11-13) 01.jpg
Chrysler Charger (Australia)1975 – 1978Chrysler Charger - CL.jpg
Chrysler by Chrysler (Australia)1971 – 1976Chrysler CH Hardtop.JPG
Chrysler Cirrus1995 – 20001995-1998 Chrysler Cirrus.jpg
Chrysler Colt (South Africa)circa 1976
Chrysler Concorde1993 – 200402-04 Chrysler Concorde Limited.jpg
Chrysler Conquest1987 – 19891987ChryslerConquestTSi.jpg
Chrysler Cordoba1975 – 198376cordoba1.JPG
Chrysler Crossfire2004 - 2008Crossfire Convertible.jpg
Chrysler D-50 (Australia)circa 19791979-1980 Chrysler D-50 (MA) Commercial utility (16841296922).jpg
Chrysler Daytona (Canada)1984 – 1993ChryslerDaytona.jpg
Chrysler Delta (UK and Ireland)2011 – 2014Chrysler-Lancia Delta 01.jpg
Chrysler Drifter (Australia)1977 - 1978Chrysler CL Drifter Van.JPG
Chrysler Dynasty (Canada)1988 – 1993Chrysler Dynasty -- 08-28-2011.jpg
Chrysler Executive1983 - 1986
Chrysler Fifth Avenue1984 – 198983-89 Chrysler Fifth Avenue.jpg
Chrysler Galant1976 - 19771976-1977 Chrysler Galant (GD) GL sedan (2011-02-27).jpg
Chrysler Horizon (Europe)1977 – 1986Chrysler Horizon on dockside.jpg
Chrysler Hunter1977 – 19791979 Chrysler Hunter (6924828701).jpg
Chrysler Imperial1926 – 1954, 1990 – 1993Chrysler Imperial 1991 0003.jpg
Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaeton1952, only three units builtApollo 11 Parade.jpg
Chrysler Intrepid (Canada)1993 – 20041998-2001 Chrysler Intrepid.jpg
Chrysler L300 Express (Australia)1980
Chrysler Lancer (Australia)1977 - 19801980LCLancer.jpg
Chrysler Laser1984 – 1986Chrysler-Laser.jpg
Chrysler LeBaron1977 – 19951989 chrysler lebaron premium 25.jpg
Chrysler LHS1994 – 1997, 1999 – 2001Chrysler LHS.jpg
Chrysler Newport1940 - 1941, 1950, 1961 – 19811950 Chrysler Newport Coupe woodie.JPG
Chrysler Neon (Australia, Europe and Japan)1995 – 2005Chrysler Neon 2000.jpg
Chrysler New Yorker1939 – 1996Chrysler New Yorker 5.jpg
Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue1983, 1990 – 1993ChryslerNewYorker.jpg
Chrysler Pacifica2004 – 2008, 2017 – presentChrysler-Pacifica-Base.jpg
Chrysler Prowler2001 – 2002'01-'02 Chrysler Prowler (Orange Julep).JPG
Chrysler PT Cruiser2001 – 20102001-2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser.jpg
Chrysler Regal (Australia)1976 - 1981Chrysler CM Regal Wagon.jpg
Chrysler Plainsman (Australia)1957 - 1959Please upload a free image!
Chrysler Royal1937 – 1942, 1946 – 195038chryC18.jpg
Chrysler Royal (Australia)1957 - 1963Chrysler AP1 Royal.jpg
Chrysler Saratoga1939 – 1953, 1957 – 1960; 1961 - 1966,
Canada non-letter 300 series; 1989 – 1994, Europe
Saratoga LE.jpg
Chrysler Sebring1995 – 2010Wiki cars 194.jpg
Chrysler Sigma (Australia)1977 - 19801978-1980 Chrysler Sigma (GE) GL station wagon (2012-02-26).jpg
Chrysler Stratus (Canada and Europe)1995 – 2000Chrysler Stratus Cabrio.JPG
Chrysler Sunbeam1977 - 1979Chrysler Sunbeam in London.jpg
Chrysler TC by Maserati1989 – 19911989 Chrysler TC by Maserati, front side.jpg
Chrysler Touring1926
Chrysler Town and Country1941 – 1988, 1990 – 20162011 Chrysler Town & Country Touring - L -- 04-22-2011.jpg
Chrysler Turbine Car (Experimental gas turbine–powered car)1963Chrysler 027.jpg
Chrysler Valiant (Australia, New Zealand and South Africa)1962 - 1981Chrysler VF Valiant Regal Sedan.JPG
Chrysler VIP (Australia)1969 - 1971Chrysler VG VIP.jpg
Chrysler Viper (Europe)1997 – 2003Chrysler Viper - Flickr - Cha già José.jpg
Chrysler Vogue (South Africa)circa 1976
Chrysler Voyager/Grand Voyager2000–2003 (USA); 1988–2015 (Europe)01-03 Chrysler Voyager LX.jpg
Chrysler Wayfarer (Australia)1957 - 1961Chrysler AP3 Wayfarer.jpg
Chrysler Windsor1940–1961; continued from 1962 through 1966 as Chrysler of Canada's version of Newport'48 Chrysler Windsor (Rassemblement Saint-Bruno-De-Montarville '10).jpg
Chrysler Ypsilon2011–2015The frontview of Chrysler Ypsilon Gold.JPG

Concept cars[edit]

Cars bolded have an image in the right margin.
The Chrysler Firepower at the 2006 North American International Autoshow.
A Chrysler Imperial at the 2007 Washington Auto Show.
The Chrysler Nassau at the 2007 Washington Auto Show.
A Chrysler Phaeton at the San Francisco International Auto Show in 2005.
NameYear shown
Chrysler 200C EV2009
Chrysler 3001991
Chrysler 700C2012
Chrysler Airflite2003
Chrysler Akino2005
Chrysler Atlantic1995
Chrysler C-2001952
Chrysler California Cruiser2002
Chrysler CCV2000
Chrysler Chronos1998
Chrysler Citadel2000
Chrysler ecoVoyager2008
Chrysler Falcon1955
Chrysler Firepower2005
Chrysler Imperial2006
Chrysler Java1999
Chrysler ME Four-Twelve2004
Chrysler Nassau (2000)2000
Chrysler Nassau (2007)2007
Chrysler Natrium2001
Chrysler Norseman1956
Chrysler Pacifica1999
Chrysler Panel Cruiser2000
Chrysler Patriot1993
Chrysler Phaeton1997
Chrysler Pronto Cruizer1999
Chrysler Thunderbolt1941
Chrysler Turbine Car1963

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